Kicking off 2016- January

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016 bbz. Here’s hoping it knocks 2015 out of the park. 

Had a great wee December though so we did. Highlights? The Friends night in Factory. Smoke machine in overload and everyone home for christmas with some seriously back-to-backmatics going on behind the decks too. NYE and the entire christmas period was also madness, as expected. 

So what does January hold in store for us? Hoolie resumes on your Wednesday nights from the 13th. Always a seriously good time. We’ll have that running right up until College finishes up in May. 

Thursdays- we’ve got some pretty cool tricks up our sleeve, mostly in the form of #showusyourkicks. You show us your kicks, we give you some kicks. Come and get some kicks! All will be revealed on our Facebook, make sure to stay tuned to that. 

In the way of Residencies, our two Grahams hold it down nicely. Graham Dolan has Wednesdays and Fridays in the Garden. Paul Belton does the Thursday thing on the mainfloor. Graham Doc looks after Wednesday night and Saturday night.

Joining Graham in his Saturday night residency are a tight little roster of DJs and Promoters doing their dos in Factory and the Garden. Here’s how the weeks break down- Saturday the second sees Tome head honcho Eoin do the Garden. On the 9th it’s Cathal Seoighe, with Get Deeper in Factory. 

The 16th is set to be the biggest party all month with a seriously heavyweight line up. DJ Deece makes the trip from east to west to play the mainfloor, as do messrs Kenny Hanlon (Apartment Records) and Barry Greaves who join Bap To The Future in Factory, while Galway Stalwart P Disco plays the Garden. Solid. 

Keith Disco and Hard Candy play the Garden and Factory respectively on the 23rd, always a good time. It’s Anthony Collins and Epoch who round off the month on Saturday the 30th. A lot of records for one night! 

Last but most certainly not least is our Sunday nights. John Daly of Running Back, Secret Sundaze and Boiler Room fame resumes his residency with four hour slots on Sunday the 3rd,17th and 31st, while The Disconauts and Eoin fill in the 10th and 24th respectively.

So that’s us, for January, it’s looking alright isn’t it? We hope to see for a drink at some stage, even if you’re on the dry. 

Happy 2016. It’s Electric.