Electric, Our ethos by numbers.


1. Rule number one - enjoy the buzz.


2 . Electric is a place for inclusivity. We expect a tolerance and positivity from all our visitors towards all other guests present at the club. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual nature, religion, musical preference or age they might have. Aggressiveness, violence, homophobic behaviour and any other intruding behaviour will not be tolerated.


3. Flirting is fun, leering and groping is not. Please respect women in this space. Uninvited persistent or intrusive remarks/behaviour towards female patrons or staff will simply not be tolerated.


4. If someone’s making you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let someone who’s working know. And if someone who’s working here makes you feel uncomfortable please email us at info@electricgalway.com. We will deal with any issues immediately.


5. In order to enhance the atmosphere of the nights, please don’t use cameras and phones on the dancefloor. If you’re tweeting, texting, snapchatting, taking photos or videos of your pals, you’re not in the moment, you also might be making it hard for someone else to enjoy their vibe. Dancefloors are for dancing.


6. Try not to wreck the DJs head too much, requests are ok, but keep it to a minimum.


7. Our DJ booths sit right next to the dancefloors. If you lean on them or bump into them, records will start skipping. Please be mindful of this. DJ Booths are also not a place for you to leave your drinks on.


8. Please respect the club and it’s interiors, we put a lot of time, energy and love into creating and building this space. Please don’t sit on furniture that will obviously break and our plants are not ashtrays.


9. Drink sensibly. We like to go wild as much as you do. But what’s the point if you end up a messy mess. Know your limits.


10. Mind each other. You know your pal that sometimes goes too far? Watch that one, don’t let them ruin their night and yours. And when the party’s over in our house, make sure you all get back to your own houses safe and sound.


11. Dress code: Electric encourages creativity and free expression. Wear what you love.


Remember people are into different things and that’s cool, it doesn’t mean we can’t all get along and have a buzz of a night. See life from different perspectives and connect with people from different walks of life. Thanks for reading. We’re glad you’re with us. And thanks for helping us create the best of times: Thinkers and drinkers, dancers and chancers - all under one roof raving.