Introduced in November 2013, The Glasshouse is our flagship cocktail bar at Electric. A little bit darker, a little bit more secretive, a little bit more late bar. The look is a patchwork of vintage styles, resulting in a unique bohemian environment unlike anywhere else in The West. Our menu is simple, raw, organic and botanic. Small but down-to-earth, using local and exotic ingredients such as rhubarb poitín and lychee & lemongrass whiskey.

We aim to be the first cocktail bar in the country to introduce a "Farm-to-Bar" ideology, sourcing the ingredients for our cocktails from local greenmarkets, organic produce venders and our own Rooftop Herb Garden. Showcasing fresh, top-quality, seasonal ingredients in a way that supports local farmers, health and sustainability.

We look to nature, we look to our community and we look to the calendar to create innovative libations encouraging an appreciation for the time taken to make a quality mixed drink.